Ointments for papillomas: take at home or prepare

Papillomas are a sign of HPV (human papillomavirus) infection. These are small benign growths on the skin.

It can appear anywhere: on the face, arms, legs, genitals, or even the mucous membranes of internal organs, such as the stomach or cervix.

Warts should be prevented from moving in the body and the formations themselves should be removed.

There are many ways to get rid of papillomas in the body. And it's all painless and safe. Medical centers will choose a suitable procedure and do everything quickly and efficiently.

If the disease is in an advanced form, these methods are suitable. And if warts appear recently, you should not resort to these methods, use antiviral ointments for papillomas and folk remedies.

papilloma ointment on the arm

Today there are many ointments for the treatment of papillomavirus.

Ointments for papillomas

The pharmacy has a wide range of medications for papilloma, including creamy products. Papilloma ointment is a suitable way to eliminate the defect that anyone can get.

Many resort to radical methods of growth retardation: electrocoagulation, radiofrequency ablation, laser catheterization, the use of liquid nitrogen, surgery.

But before deciding on such procedures, everyone tries to get rid of the problem on their own, using less dangerous methods, including papilloma ointment.

If self-medication does not work, you should see a doctor. Using a papilloma ointment as a treatment is simple and quick (from a few days to a few weeks) to get rid of the hated growths.

Compared to medical methods, the treatment of home formations will take a lot of time and patience, but the result will not be disappointing.

If you have a papilloma in the body, the ointment is the best way to get rid of the pathology, there are no contraindications and there is a large list of possible complications.

The action of ointments from papillomas

Many of the ointments known and popular for papillomas have a local effect and the active ingredients do not penetrate the systemic circulation.

As a result of this principle of action, unlike taking the drug, no side effects are observed after the ointment.

The effectiveness of papilloma ointments is due to their properties:

  • destruction of infected cells;
  • stimulation of the immune system;
  • anesthesia;
  • antiviral feature;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect.
The doctor chooses an ointment for papillomas

Each ointment for the treatment of papilloma has its own composition, and you need to carefully choose the right remedy. One ointment can combine all the features, and the other can be versatile.

For example, salicylic ointment has anti-inflammatory effect, destroys good cells.

Before using ointment for plantar or dry papillomas, the affected area of skin should be steamed and dried with a clean, soft towel, and only then lubricated with the selected product.

The active components of the ointment affect the cells affected by the virus and form the papilloma.

However, an effective result can be obtained if the virus is not active enough.

Modern pharmacies offer a large selection of ointments for papillomas, but there are several popular remedies.

Salicylic ointment

Salicylic ointment for the removal of papillomas is one of the available and effective means to get rid of the defect.

However, applying the product to the skin may cause unpleasant local reactions.

To remove neoplasms, it is necessary to apply a composition with a concentration of 60%, as a result of which after applying the ointment to the bottle there is a burning sensation and painful sensations.

After applying a thin layer of the product to the evaporated papilloma, it should be tightened with a bandage and left for 12 hours.

You should repeat the procedure every day until you get results.

There are many other ointments for the treatment of papillomas. The most appropriate medication will be recommended by a specialist.

Papilloma cream

The cream also has an effective effect on external factors that affect the activation and development of viruses. Increases the strength of the body and strengthens the immune system, which helps to better fight HPV.

Before applying the cream, the localization area should be washed and dried with soap, then a thin layer of cream should be applied and kept for 10 hours without fixing with a bandage, then washed with warm soapy water.

The procedure should be performed once a day until it completely disappears, but it should be remembered that the maximum duration of use of the cream is 4 months.

garlic for papilloma ointment

Homemade ointments

Effective ointments for papillomas can be prepared independently using ingredients that you can always find at home.

Here are the best recipes for wart creams:

  • garlic cream. It is easy to prepare by chopping 1 clove of garlic and mixing it with 1 teaspoon of face or hand cream. Apply the resulting mass to the affected area and fix with a bandage for 5 hours, then rinse. Perform the procedure within a month. You can use chopped young celandine instead of garlic;
  • egg-vinegar ointment. Dissolve the eggshell in 0, 5 liters of vinegar, then add the nutria oil until a creamy consistency. The essence of vinegar can cause burns, you need to be careful;
  • cream and vinegar. Peel an onion, put it in a container and pour over the vinegar, leave to infuse for 3 days. Onions should be removed and mashed, lubricated with papillomas for 30 minutes a day and then washed.

Tips for choosing an ointment for papillomas

It is not recommended to choose a tool to remove papillomas yourself, you should first consult a doctor. It is important to be sure of the quality of the selected product and to see the expiration date.

The choice of ointment should be based on the location, number and size of formations (maximum size of the treated area is 20 cm square), the degree of viral activity.

You should be aware of the contraindications, which mainly include diabetes and impaired metabolic processes in the body.

Some ointments are designed to treat papillomas on the mucous membranes and some on the skin. The composition of the drug plays an important role, as some ointments may contain plant components, others acids.

Also, keep in mind that a holistic approach is needed to treat HPV. And it is better to choose ointments that have more than 2 properties.

If the papillomas are located in the genitals, it is necessary to check the possibility of degeneration in oncology before starting treatment.